From where did LoveMash come?


We all have a desire for companionship (unless you are a hermit - and that's okay), but in our increasingly digital lives, it becomes more difficult to find our matches. Of course, you have many options when it comes to choosing your matchmaking site of choice, and there are plenty offline as well. In fact, this site is a tribute to those who are brilliant matchmakers in the offline world (professional or otherwise). Matchmaking goes back a long way, and it's deeply integrated in some cultures. Chances are, you've met at least one couple who have come together through friends or family.


The premise here is that your friends know you better than you do. Put another way, you portray yourself, when given the chance, as an ideal version of yourself. That's fine, but you end up leaving a lot out of the picture. However, our friends and family know us better than we give them credit. Put your trust in them, and they will put theirs in you.

Don't forget, too, what goes around comes around. Remember that because the better matches you make here, the better matches you will receive. You may call it reputation, or karma. We like to call it "tinify".

Is this for me?

Do you have a pulse?

Do you have friends?

Great! This site is perfect for you. Unleash the inner matchmaker within you and start pairing your friends up now. I know you know a couple of people that would be perfect for each other. Help them out, and see what happens!

Why do the matches appear random?

That's because they are.

As more people make mashups of their friends, and as we collect more data, our algorithms will show you better mashups of your friends. Hang tight! It's going to be exciting.

Why "LoveMash"?

Have you ever heard of a "mashup"? It's when you mix two songs together to create a new song or combination. Well, here you'll be making mashups of your friends to help them find love, hence "LoveMash". We think it's cute. After a few minutes, you'll think it's fun.


Want to chat? Have feedback? Feel free to reach out to us. We don't bite. We promise.